Host names and Beer…

We have now put our mobile Good Pub Guide into beta testing. If you want to try it then text the word GOODPUB to 87080 which will take you to the download site where you can obtain the java application for your phone. During beta testing it is free to use apart from your data transfer costs through your operator which should be fairly small compared to using web sites. This works on all major UK operators and on most handsets from the last few years (requires MIDP2 java ). By texting in you are agreeing that we can use your network operator to locate where you are so that we can search for pubs near you. The application shows details from the Good Pub Guide 2008 as well as maps.

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Dreaming In Code

I have just finished reading Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg.

It follows the progress of the first few years of the development of an Open Source project called Chandler. The project which was intended to take one year was just beginning to get its first features usable after about 3 years, and the project is still continuing now and still only has a very small subset of the original desired features.

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