Protest to Stop The Ox becoming a Tesco Direct

As reported last week on The Abingdon Blog, Tesco have started work converting The former Ox pub into a Tesco Direct. It has also been reported in The Oxford Mail and Abingdon Herald.

Many local people are opposed to this as it is next to an existing recently opened convenience store, and the underhanded way that Tesco is taking over the town. They have started this work even though no planning permission applications have been submitted! Local town and district councillor are also opposed to it, and a petition has been started.

This Saturday, a protest is being organised, starting from The Ox and marching to the main Tesco store in Marcham Road. Meeting at 2pm outside The Ox.

The Ox being developed into a Tesco Direct.

One thought on “Protest to Stop The Ox becoming a Tesco Direct

  1. I am against this idea as the convenience store it affects if affected THAT much could affect me greatly,

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