Stocks Bar – Beer, Blues and Jazz Festival

As mentioned in the previous post, the Stocks bar in Abingdon has seen a huge improvement to its beer range and cellar quality over the last year to become one of the best real ale pubs in the Oxford area.

It is holding its 3rd beer festival this weekend (Friday 3rd April – Monday 6th April). Previous beer festivals have been very good with an excellent range of beers, mostly locally sourced.

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Update on Abingdon Pubs over the last year

I haven’t made many blog entries recently, but now the summer is on its way, it is time to be more active.

Pubs in Abingdon have seen some major improvements over the last year. After the take over and closure of the Morlands Brewery and Morrels Brewery by Greene King around the end of millenium, we ended up with something of a beer wilderness in Abingdon where almost every pub was run by Greene King and all served the same small selection of beers (Greene King IPA, Morland Original and maybe one guest… but all the pubs seem to choose the same guest each month). Not that there is anything wrong with Greene King beers, but I like to have a choice.

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