Hop Harvesting, European Beer Festival

I have just made a blog post on the Oxford Brewer’s Group blog about hop harvesting

Also, at the weekend I was in Copenhagen visiting the European Beer Festival. This was an amazing event with lots of interesting things. Expect some blog entries from me about this over the next few days.

And thirdly… last week we released the Camra Good Beer Guide 2009 mobile edition to coincide with the launch of the book. You can find more information about this on the Camra web site.

Wifi with Gentoo Linux on Acer TravelMate 7510

I just spent ages fixing a problem when I upgraded the kernel to version 2.6.24

To get wifi working on this laptop I use the following packages:

  • acer_acpi : Provides access to the special keys, one of which turns wifi on or off.
  • madwifi-ng : The kernel driver for the wifi network hardware.

With the previous version of kernel 2.6.23 this was working fine, apart from the wifi light switched off during the boot, but if I pressed it at the right time, it would all work fine.

With 2.6.24 several problems occured:

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This blog

This blog is not really working as I had planned… I had expected to post mostly technical stuff about software development, but it has actually turned out to be mostly about brewing and pubs. Now that this is also syndicated on my company’s web site I plan to split the blog into two. One for personal hobbies such as craft brewing, and another for more technical stuff. I’ll post a small item with URLs for each blog on here when I’ve sorted it out

Pubs closing down… do they want customers???

The Oxford mail had a report the other day about how pubs are losing business because of the smoking ban. In particular the landlord of the Plough in Abingdon says he is closing down because he has lost over 50% of his trade since the ban. However some other pubs are reporting an increase in trade. I admit I rarely go the Plough because there is no good reason for me to do so. It serves only one real ale (Greene King IPA) and does nothing to differentiate itself from other pubs. It still has the look and feel of a local boozer. Continue reading