Brewery Tap’s 3rd Beer Festival this year!

Abingdon is having a good share of beer festivals this year. We have recently enjoyed the King’s Head & Bell‘s 1st beer festival in August, and The Old Anchor’s beer festival in July. Starting today, the Brewery Tap in Abingdon is holding its 3rd festival this year (previously ones were in June and March. Incidently, ĎAbingdonís First beer festivalí was actually held in the car park of The Brewery Tap back in October 2004.

List of beers and ciders, with tasting notes

The Tap’s beer festival features 16 real ales including Abingdon Bridge from Abingdon’s own Loose Cannon Brewery and 8 real ciders, and as with the previous Tap festivals this year…. specialist sausages and live music.

There will be live music on Saturday afternoon (4pm) from The Three Musty Steers and on Sunday afternoon (4pm) from George Haslam’s 18 piece Big Time Swing Band.

Saturday also coincides with the annual Runner Bean Day on Saturday, which offers prizes for things such as the longest runner bean.

If you want to travel outside of Abingdon there are a few other beer festivals going on including The Cricketer’s Arms in Littleworth which is holding its Autumn Beer and Sausage Festival featuring 12 locally brewed beers, and Far From the Madding Crowd in Oxford which is holding its Autumn Beer festival.

Round up of Abingdon Pub News – September 2010

There are rumours that The Plough on Stert street may shut again soon. It only reopened a couple of months ago at the start of July after being closed for several months prior to that. It seems that most of the regulars made other pubs into their regular during the period it was closed and have not returned since it reopened. This is a Greene King pub so there is hope that they might find new tenants, but don’t hold your breath.

The Boundary House on Oxford road has had a complete revamp and reopened a couple of weeks ago. It has branded itself as a ‘Surf and Turf’ and looks more food oriented than beer. The food is very cheap, with the menu comprising burgers, steaks, scampi. The interior has been modified so that it is all one large area instead of the seperate dining area that it used to have. It has the feel similar to an American Sports bar. For beer they were serving Old Speckled Hen on draught, which was in reasonable condition. Previously I have found the beer in there undrinkable, so this is an improvement. The large beer garden at the front has been surrounded by a low wooden fence which makes it safer for children who might otherwise run onto the busy Oxford Road.

The Prince of Wales in Shippon has 6 real ales on, with several being local beers from Loose Cannon and Shotover breweries. The refurbishing of the kitchen, dining area and toilets is complete. The pub is only just outside of Abingdon and not too far to walk or cycle. They have live music and other events on regularly.

The Royal British Legion club on Spring Road is in danger of closing. An EGM was held a few days ago due to financial problems relating to the ownership of the property. However for the time being it is still open and is currently serving Loose Cannon’s Abingdon Bridge Ale at only £2.35 a pint.

The Ox on Oxford Road is having monthly Jazz sessions with Abingdon’s top international jazz musician George Haslam and guests. They only have Morland Original beer on offer, but it was served in excellent condition. Don’t forget also that The Broad Face has live Jazz bands every Sunday afternoon from 4pm onwards.